The Ultimate list of the most Trendy Baby Names for 2018
(including their meanings)

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Shakespeare notably pondered “What’s in a name?” many years ago, pronouncing that a Rose would still smell sweet with any other name. And perhaps he was right - it is our character and not our name that determines whether we will be successful, and yet choosing a name for our little one on the way is quite possibly one of the most time-consuming activities you’ll perform before he or she has even arrived!

Fear not, we have the ultimate list of some of the trendy baby girl and baby boy names to choose from.

Who choose's the baby's name?

There is a lot of pressure in choosing a name, with every aunty and their dog giving their opinion. Be that as it may, it is up to you and your spouse to decide and should really be something that you love regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Ok, so that’s where things sometimes get a little messy. What if your spouse doesn’t like the names that you like? And what if he / she suggests a name that seems completely wrong for the little face you’ve seen in your 3D scan? Worse yet, what if the name reminds you of the bully from school?

Who sets the baby name trends?

Popular culture and celebrities have a lot to do with fashion trends as we know, but they also have much to do with the latest name choices by parents. And in 2018 all the eyes will be on the Royals with un upcoming wedding and a new royal baby. Harry has always been a popular British name, but Meghan will be a stylish addition to the more common spelling of Megan. And, Baby Royal (Kate and Will’s third child due in April) will most likely create a surge in popularity when he / she is named.

The 2018 football world cup will also have much influence, and this gives the name “Harry” even more of kick up the trend list as Harry Kane and team hope to bring home the coveted trophy. That is if Lionel Messi doesn’t get there first!

The new season of Doctor Who, expected to air in late 2018, is also expected to create some buzz with its first ever female doctor in Jodie Whitticker. And of course Emilia Clarke is always on trend and as popular as ever as we await the final season of Game of Thrones.

We hope you choose a name that is perfect for you and your family!

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