Everyone's talking about the Wren Mural

Everyone's talking about the Wren Mural

kristin hack

So there has been a lot of hype over the Wren Wallpaper Mural which has been so wonderful to see. We received some amazing photos of it up in little Harlow's new big girl room.  The decor and wall mural worked so harmoniously together, like a fine strung guitar!  We have also been working on some bespoke orders, making the wall mural in different colour combinations.  If you have a colour scheme you are wanting please get in touch over at our 'customised' section online and we can help!  See imagery below of the beautiful Wren Abstract Mural up in its new surroundings, we are very happy! Shop it now

wren abstract wallpaper mural for kids

kids wallpaper mural abstract wren wallpaper


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