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Space Wallpaper Collection

If your little one dreams of becoming an astronaut or simply loves all things out of this world and is fascinated by the galaxy…then our Space Wallpaper Collection is exactly what you are looking for! We understand that you want your little boy’s room to be a space where they can use their imagination, embrace their creativity, be inspired to follow their astronaut dreams, and enjoy hours of playtime. 

Our Space Wallpaper collection features an array of vibrant colours and space related themes for your little to enjoy! Some of the themes in this collection are our Space Rocket Wallpaper, Charcoal Terrazzo Wallpaper, and our Constellation Wallpaper.
Below is a full list of the themes available in our Space Wallpaper Collection, we hope you find it as cool as we do! To order the wallpaper of your choice, simply click on it and use the buy now option. 

  1. Space Rocket Wallpaper Mural - Munks and Me Wallpaper
  2. Constellation Wallpaper Repeat Pattern - Munks and Me Wallpaper