Wallpaper Sample Guide

Samples are so important when choosing between multiple beautiful designs, as it gives you a chance to “try before you buy”. They allow you to feel the quality of the paper that you will be getting and view all the colour shades as they will be on your wall.

When choosing between multiple designs, stick them to the wall next to each other with some tape for comparisons
Be sure to look at the samples during the day and night, to see colour variations in all light. Our samples are A4 in size and are printed on the same paper as the wallpaper will be.

The scale of the designs on samples – This is important…
Most of our repeat patterns are to scale, besides a select few where the design is too large for the sample size. For the few that are not to scale, the true scale can be seen by simply putting in your wall dimensions into our customisation calculator on the product page, and the design will scale automatically to the size of your wall.
There will be a note on the sample to indicate whether the design is to scale or not
This is also true for all our murals. To see the true scale of the mural, input your dimensions and we will show you the true scale for your wall.