The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning from Nursery to Big Girl Room

The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning from Nursery to Big Girl Room

Kristin Hack

Transitioning from a nursery to a big girl room is a bit of a milestone! To help with this exciting change, we’ve put together some beautiful finds from our favourite stores. We've used our Checkered wallpaper in pink as a backdrop for the room and selected items that add fun and colour to the space. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Bedding: Opt for bedding that matches the room’s colour scheme, remember it's easier to change out your bedding than it is the wallpaper. 

  2. Furniture: Consider a toddler bed or a small twin bed with a fun headboard. Add a cute nightstand and a dresser with ample storage. Look for pieces that will add some colour to the space.

  3. Decorative Pillows and Throws: Add cozy and colourful pillows and throws to make the bed inviting. Mix and match different textures and patterns for a playful look.

  4. Rugs: A soft, colourful rug can add warmth and comfort to the room. 

  5. Wall Art: Decorate the walls with framed prints, decals, or DIY art projects. Choose pieces that reflect your child's interests and personality.

  6. Lighting: Add a fun lamp or a nightlight in a cute design. 

  7. Toy Storage: Incorporate storage solutions that are both functional and stylish. Look for bins, baskets, or shelves that fit the room’s theme.

  8. Bookshelves: Encourage reading by adding a small bookshelf stocked with favourite books. Choose a design that is easily accessible for little hands.

  9. Play Area: Create a cozy corner with a small table and chairs for colouring, puzzles, and other activities.

  10. Personal Touches: Add personalised items, like a name sign, monogrammed bedding, or a custom growth chart to make the room feel special.

*Just to make things extra special, we can customised the Billy Checkered Wallpaper to any colour palette you are working with.

We have added the links below of the items displayed, have fun!

1. Billys Checkered Wallpaper Pink 

2. Hand Tufted Panthera Rug - Anthropologie

3. Bedside Lamp - John Lewis

4. Scallop Rattan Shade - Marks and Spencer

5. Bobbin Frame Mirror - Domestic Science 

6. Kyoto Dot Cushion Cover Long - Curry - OYOY Living

7. Madlen Cushion, Brown Floral - Bloomingville

8. Selma Basket - Bloomingville

9. Hand Quilted blanket - Vintage Rose - Camomile London

10. Latitude Junior Bed - Nobodinoz


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