New Tonal Dinosaur Wallpaper Online

New Tonal Dinosaur Wallpaper Online

Kristin Hack

Wallpaper that's Jurassic 🦖 

We have been inundated with requests for a tonal Dinosaur Mural wallpaper.  It's finally here and we love it so much!  Whats really cool is that we can colour match these murals to your paint colour.  This means that if you provide us the paint colour we can match it to the mural colour.  so you can have the Dino Mural in Blue, Pink, Grey...whatever you like.  I have included a pink version in here so you can see what we can do. 



We matched the Dinosaur World Green wallpaper with a Farrow and Ball Bancha Paint Colour.   We think it works perfectly!

farrow and ball bancha paint colour
For the Dinosaur World Rose we matched it with the Farrow and Ball Cider Rose which is SO pretty!
farrow and ball cider rose
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