The Sweetest Nursery Wallpaper Trends For 2023

The Sweetest Nursery Wallpaper Trends For 2023

Kristin Hack

The stork has been around and a baby is on the way come 2023. You are joining the exciting, exhilarating journey of parenthood, come on in, we've got you!

You need the inspiration and inspiration is what we’ve got. Munks and Me is your online inspiration for all things nursery wallpaper, and we have decided to help you get ahead in all your nursery planning this year. Here’s a heads up on a few of The Sweetest Nursery Wallpaper Trends For 2023.

With our gorgeous and oh-so-original Munks and Me wallpaper collection, it will feel like you’re walking straight into a fairy-tale with one swift swoop of your nursery door. We just have one word of advice for you, from the wise words of the (in)famous Don Draper “keep it simple, but significant”.

Munks and Me is 100% inspired by babies, 100% original, and 100% made with love. We know just how overwhelming the to-do list is for parents-to-be! With all the bits and bobs that need completing before the baby’s big arrival. Designing a baby room that you and your child will both love, with cute wallpaper prints, calming wallpaper colours, or dreamy wallpaper designs that you can accompany with complementing accessories, can make you feel a little out of your depth. 

So let us take the decision fatigue away from your weary mind, and get straight into the trending inspiration for your little one's nursery walls for 2023, your nursery wallpaper must-haves.

  1. Customised Wallpaper

OMG, you LOVE “that” wallpaper… BUT, if only you could change a couple of things… well, it’s a good thing we can! We get it, we also enjoy being ever so subtly unique, and that is why this nursery wallpaper trend is here to represent, come 2023. Because we love working with our customers to create unique wallpapers designed especially for you, it’s one of our FAV trends too. 

Don’t forget to ask us, if you’re a little unsure, we can also customise our existing wallpapers so that you don't lose any key elements behind doors, windows or pieces of furniture. (what can we say, it’s because we love you!)

Olivia Bowen Magic Jungle Wallpaper


  1. Woodland Wallpaper & Jungle Murals 

One of the most popular nursery wallpapers for this year has been a woodland-designed wall mural and Jungle-Themed Wallpaper. (of which we have a-plenty). There’s just something magical and almost enchanting about a nursery with woodland elements, and something powerful about a baby’s room starring the big 5 or a scene straight out of mother natures garden from the jungles around the globe. Could there be a better way to wind down than with soothing nature and wildlife as the backdrop! (that’s a rhetorical question!) 


Woodland Wallpaper

  1. Green-Themed Nurseries

After three months, babies begin to see colours. To keep a baby’s brain growing and thriving, stimulate your little one’s curiosity and create a love for the outdoors and adventure with our green-themed wallpapers, which can add personality and depth to your baby’s room, it’s calming, refreshing and nurturing, just what your little explorer needs!

When used in collaboration with wooden accessories and incorporate green paint hues, it can be exceptionally striking! We must admit there is a shade of green that we simply adore from Farrow & Ball, called Breakfast Room Green (No 81)? There is no denying, that it complements our green wallpaper range to a tee.

Sage Green Nursery Wallpaper 

  1. Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpaper or Unisex Nursery Wallpaper

T’was once a time when blue was for boys and pink was for girls (you may not remember it, but it’s true), these days, the trend has moved towards a more gender-neutral look and that means gender-neutral wallpaper in the Munks and Me House (can we get an Amen!). 

Our Neutral Nursery collection came to life, after finding that we were increasingly being asked to transform our most popular murals into monochrome versions for those parents that were looking for a slightly more neutral look and feel for their nursery. After we had created numerous customised Monochrome versions of our best sellers, we decided to expand on this and create a full category of designs to fill our Neutral Nursery Collection, go ahead, indulge yourself. 

Here are a few beautiful nursery addition ideas to go with all of our Munks and Me nursery wallpaper (no matter which one you choose!) from Scandiborn.

Neutral Jungle Nursery


Now, there will come a time when you feel like you’re in over your head, but try this advice from gorgeous mum, Gigi Hadid, she shared something very relatable when designing her daughter’s nursery, “Decorating and spending time in her nursery really helped me feel prepared when I would get too much in my head,” so, take a minute, just sit in the nursery, breathe it in and envision the most important “accessory” that will adourn the room, your little poppet!

We are so excited for you and this next chapter, let us know how we can be a part of (and inspire) your nursery vision.

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