The Munks and Me team chat eco-friendly and sustainable baby products!

The Munks and Me team chat eco-friendly and sustainable baby products!

Kristin Hack

Hey, you eco-conscious mum or dad! You are already starting to decorate the nursery, and things are moving quickly right? You would LOVE to have wallpaper in the baby’s room, but you’re a little (ok, A LOT) concerned about the safety standards, chemicals, mould and mildew? (well if you weren’t then, you are now!) No drama for your little llama, you can breathe easy with Munks and Me and our eco-friendly wallpaper for nurseries.

If you’re covering part or all of the nursery in wallpaper, it’s a good thing to make sure the wallpaper you select is free of chemicals, like vinyls, PVC and VOCs, it needs to be breathable so that it can keep that nasty ol mould at bay. GOOD THINKING on your part (parent of the year!).

Using eco-friendly, sustainable wallpaper (and other nursery accessories) is without a doubt, better for your baby’s health and wellbeing. After all, babies don’t just sleep in their nursery, as they grow, your little ones will be, crawling, playing, learning, growing and exploring there too, so you best believe your precious cherub will put their hands and mouth’s on pretty much everything in sight, and just for funsies they might even lick the walls and the floors (because… well, KIDS), so starting with eco-friendly habits from the get-go not only helps with your personal carbon footprint on the environment but it’s the start of something special too - making green living a part of your family’s lifestyle! 

If you’re deciding to create an eco-friendly and sustainable nursery, you are going to want to do your research, so let us give you a heads up - many green baby products come with a certification that indicates they’ve been evaluated by a third party and have passed certain environmental and safety criteria. Try and keep your eyes open for certifications that include GREENGUARD Gold, and ZDHC. 

Environmentally-friendly/eco-Friendly/natural baby products have become quite the selling point for a lot of companies. If a company is truly producing an eco-friendly and non-toxic product, they’ll be as transparent as they possibly can be, because what is there to hide right?!

With any Munks and Me wallpaper you choose for your nursery, you can rest assured that we only use water-based HP Latex Inks which offers you and your baby, health and environmental advantages - Our water-based HP Latex Inks are designed for sustainable impact throughout the product lifecycle, and they meet the stringent criteria represented by UL GREENGUARD GOLD and ZDHC, which means:

  • Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals
  • Non-combustible & Non-flammable
  • Ozone free & odourless
  • Nickel and heavy metal free
  • No latex-related allergy

We love our beautiful customers, and we love nothing more than seeing your excitement grow with each passing month, the busyness of nesting and getting your nursery ready for the day of baby’s arrival. We encourage you to hone in on things that take after our principles too - think… sustainable, top quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly wallpaper, but that’s not all, wrap it all up with some of these GORGEOUS eco-friendly baby products that go hand in hand with Munks and Me Wallpaper. 

We love us a little bit of Little Green Sheep - their all-natural mattresses for cots are sublime, super comfy and yep you guessed all-natural!

We also adore The Modern Nursery with their eco-friendly baby gear, where you can shop the best in eco-friendly nursery furniture, baby gear, and toys that are free of toxins and pesticides, not only are you keeping baby happy, but you are keeping our earth happy too.

If you are looking for the sweetest prints, look no further than our All Wall Art Print collection. Oh look at that, Nursery sorted! 

You only want what is best for your baby and your family, of course, you do, you’re a mama (or daddy) bear already, The Munks and Me Team know that the most important equation in your baby’s life is that they are surrounded by love, so “you do you boo”, and let us know how we can help you! (lyrical geniuses and wallpaper guru’s, who knew!), in the meantime, start learning the lyrics to this song - you will be singing it a-plenty in the middle of the night! You’re WELCOME.

“How long will I love you?

As long as stars are above you

And longer if I can

How long will I need you?

As long as the seasons need to

Follow their plan

How long will I be with you?

As long as the sea is bound to

Wash up on the sand”

Ellie Goulding

We adore seeing your creativity (I mean, you’re basically our inspiration!) - so if you are busy decorating your little ones nursery, please tag us and let us know how you’re getting along are you nearly done or just getting started?

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