Three Must-Haves For Your Jungle Nursery

Three Must-Haves For Your Jungle Nursery

Kristin Hack

It’s nursery mood board time, you’ve decided on a jungle theme for your jungle boy
or girl, and now it’s time to get creative, but you feel quite swamped with information.  It’s a jungle out there, so, in this case, you NEED to take a breather, pour yourself a nice big glass of non-alcoholic something, pair it with a Lindt chilly and dark choccie slab (cravings!), sit yourself down in front of your iPad look what we have put together for you.
Our Safari Murals and Jungle Wallpaper are some of our best-selling wallpaper
designs! Not to mention if you’re looking for something  a little different, we love customising wallpaper for our customers, customised wallpaper is what we
do best.
Jungle Animals are loved by everyone around the world, especially children, we all love a good Madagascar Movie Marathon (Bring on no.4!), so if you or your little one is one of those animal lovers, then our Safari and Jungle Murals are the perfect fit for you!

Our Safari Jungle Wallpaper collection will add excitement to story time with your little one, enhance their curiosity about animals and nature and create a sense of adventure.
Our gorgeous variety of jungle wallpaper has the wow factor of jungle nurseries all
over the globe. It is marvellous and makes a statement without overwhelming the

When designing both a nursery or kids room, you need to take into account
that the room needs to be both beautiful and functional.

So, we have put together a list of 3 must-haves for your nursery or kids
● Did someone say GREEN?
Close your eyes, put on some calming music and retreat to your happy place (hopefully, it’s a jungle, if not - get yourself into jungle mode quick.) When picturing a jungle, what do you see? We see trees, delicious monsters and greenery of all kinds, we see the blue sky above and the earthy colours of the ground below, it feels warm and light and airy. Green makes you feel optimistic and refreshed, it’s the easiest on the eyes and is used to relax and create balance in a design. That is why we love the idea of adding an artificial plant to your nursery, not only does it add the greenery we adore, but it also adds texture to the room and makes the space feel outdoorsy and organic, and you get to create your very own green zen nursery with the most beautiful lifelike artificial plants from Blooming Artificial. The benefit of having an artificial plant for nurseries is that it would not need watering, it can be wiped down easily, and because there will be no damp soil, there will be no mess!


● Au- Naturale wood tones and materials
You just have to blend and mix wood tones in your jungle nursery design. Mixing
wood tones can make your nursery design come alive with texture and warmth. The key to getting the right tones is to figure out whether the wallpaper is warm, cool or neutral, you should really stick to the same tone throughout so your design blends together seamlessly with your accessories. Bringing in wood tones to your nursery adds visual interest and throws in a bit of dimension. You should definitely scope out Boori's beautiful nursery furniture, their cots are simple and elegant and lovingly crafted from sustainable, FSC-certified timber made to last, and they have a unique conversion technology that allows you to change your furniture to suit every stage of your child's development too - nifty right!?
You’re also going to need beautiful wooden toys to finish off the room, and for your little one to play with, Kidly has an eco-wood range that has the most stunning variety from Hexagon sorting trays, to Kirk wooden hammer toys and Silicone and wood rainbows, you are bound to find something to treasure!

● GO WILD with animals
The jungle is the perfect natural habitat for all types of wonderful animals and creatures of all sizes, so we feel that incorporating other animal accessories is something that just HAS to be done, and it has to be done with the Scandiborn Jungle; Safari Collection, gosh but we heart their Liewood Melissa Safari Multi Mix Baby Mobile. We have fallen for the cutest, sweetest little thing, well, actually it’s quite large, but this giraffe plush from H&M is something to behold, she (or he) will be the patient in many a vet vet game in the future! -not to self, don’t let your 4-year-old blow dry them, we know of a Jerry, that has a bald patch, but is still as adorable and loved as ever!

H&M baby giraffe plush toy

So, along with our Jungle Safari Wallpaper, above are the next 3 must-haves for
your jungle nursery!

What are your thoughts on creating a Safari Jungle Nursery? And from our
collection, which is your favourite - do you prefer more of a muted jungle theme
or a colourful jungle theme, let us know, we really appreciate your feedback
and comments!

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