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Sometimes you know exactly what design would best suit your nursery, but it can be a little daunting trying to decide what will work best for your little one’s nursery, kids’ bedroom or playroom. To help we have created this all-encompassing category with all our wallpapers and murals, so that you can see a variety of designs all in one place. Once you’re feeling inspired and have an idea of what type of design you’re looking for, you can then visit that specific category page to see more designs in the theme that you love!

Our wallpaper themes include animals, safari, under the sea, floral, abstract, and much more. Wallpapers can add feelings of warmth, comfort, and excitement to your little one’s space, so view our wonderful wallpaper collection below, and to purchase the one you love, simply click on the wallpaper of your choice and follow the easy prompts.

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Welcome to our delightful world of nursery wallpapers, where imagination meets craftsmanship! Munks and Me understands the importance of creating a cozy, inspiring space for your little one. Our exquisite nursery wallpaper collection is thoughtfully curated to transform ordinary nurseries into whimsical wonderlands.