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Aureum x Munks and Me

Nicole Levenberg is a South African textile designer and artist, educated at Central St Martins in London and now based in Johannesburg. She creates meticulously hand drawn designs for Aureum, that are predominantly inspired by the natural world.

“I have always been acutely aware that nature is the most remarkable inventor in terms of pattern and colour. Far more spectacular even than anything my imagination could possibly conjure up. So, I utilise this endlessly inspiring and vast resource as the basis for all my designs. Coming from a traditional background in fine art I always start my design process with good old pen on paper. Although technology is amazing to help the process along, for me there is nothing better than a raw hand drawn line.” - Nicole.

Nicole has created the most magnificent bespoke murals for Munks and Me which I know you will love as much as I do!

  1. Jungle Palm Wallpaper Mural | Pistachio - Munks and Me Wallpaper
  2. Woodland Wallpaper Mural | Oyster - Munks and Me Wallpaper
  3. Ash Woodland Wallpaper Mural - Munks and Me Wallpaper
  4. Greenhouse Wallpaper Mural | Rose - Munks and Me Wallpaper
  5. Greenhouse Wallpaper Mural | Putty - Munks and Me Wallpaper