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Custom Panels

We love working with our customers to create unique wallpapers designed especially for you. We also offer customising our existing wallpapers so that you don't lose any key elements behind doors, windows or pieces of furniture.

Does your wall have interruptions as shown below?
Let us customise your order for your unique space…

By ordering a custom wallpaper we can make sure the panels are laid out so that there are no patterns or images cut off in an undesirable way. So you won’t be irritated for years to come because a giraffe’s head is cut off;)

For custom wallpaper we charge £32 per square metre so it's easy to work out the cost. You will take the height and width of your wall and multiply by £32.
ie H265cm x W300cm = 7.95m x £32 = £254.40

Please note that because walls aren't always straight and you'll need to trim the wallpaper once installed, we ask that you add on and extra 5cm for margin of error for both the height and the width.

Please fill out the form below and let us know the wallpaper print you would like, the height and the width of your wall and your location. If you have a fixture (door, window or furniture) that we need to work around, please provide us with a picture or diagram of the wall, and include the position of the fixture as well as the measurements (H and/or W) from the edge of the fixture to the nearest edge of the full wall. We will send over a mock up of what your wallpaper will look like.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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