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Magical Woodland Wallpaper Mural

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Our Woodland Mural Wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for your nursery or kids play space. I loved filling this woodland with all my favourites! There is a bear, fox, rabbit, red robin, butterflies, a squirrel, a peaking owl and a mother and baby deer, oh and a hedgehog!

Munks and Me Wallpaper is designed and created for premium nursery spaces that inspire calm, comfort and imagination. A nursery is your sanctuary with your baby, a quiet place to reflect, connect, and turn moments into memories. Our wallpaper is designed specifically for children’s spaces, and intended to feed their imagination, while adding a magic experience to their little world. We love being a part of your journey, and helping you create your perfect nursery space. 

The key features of our premium wallpaper are.

  • High Quality 147gsm Non-Woven Wallpaper
  • Supplied on a roll and wallpaper applied in vertical panels
  • Paste the wall application, adhesive is applied to the wall
  • Environmentally friendly - Printed on FSC certified media, using non-toxic water based inks
  • Fully customisable design, to discuss your requirements please click here
  • Easy to install, with step-by-step installation instructions provided. Our online installation guide is also here
  • Vacuum sealed, bubble wrapped and boxed for added protection during delivery

*Please add 6cm's to the exact height and width of your wall to allow for trimming. 

*If you are covering two or more walls, please add the width of each wall together to give you a full width measurement. Please also remember to add on the extra 6cms. Adjacent walls ordered separately will not match.

If there is anything you would like to know that you can’t find online, we have the knowledge and expertise to help, so please get in touch here and we would be happy to help!

useful information

All our wallpapers are made to order, so please make sure you double check your measurements before putting them in or emailing them to us, and remember to please add 6cm to each measurement to allow for trimming. Should any orders need to be reprinted as a result of incorrect measurements being provided, we will not be responsible for any additional charges on the reprint or removal/re-installation.

Printing wallpaper is a technical and advanced process, and on rare occasions, mistakes can be made. We ask that you please always check the wallpaper before booking a decorator to install it, or hanging it yourselves, to ensure there are no production defects. If you find any flaws, please contact us before you book your decorator or start installing the wallpaper, and we will replace it with a new one, free of charge.

The limit of Munks & Me's liability for any fault or defect in the product shall be to the value of, not exceeding the purchase price of the particular goods. It is important that the installation instructions provided on the reverse of our label are followed closely, to ensure the best results are achieved. It is up to the customer to check the product before installing it. We do not reimburse for re-installation costs or faulty installations. 


All our wallpaper is designed and printed to order so unfortunately, we cannot, under any circumstance, offer a refund or exchange. If, however, your wallpaper is marked or damaged, please keep all packaging and email for assistance.


Wallpaper orders are processed and sent to production within 24 hours of you completing payment, where they are printed to order. If you realise you have made an error, please email immediately, so that we can try and assist. After this time, or if you order has already been printed, unfortunately we cannot cancel or amend the order. This includes amending shipping addresses. We cannot be held responsible if PayPal, Shopify Pay or any auto-fill settings on your device input an old shipping address or a non-complete address, but please email and we will certainly help where we can.


We try to ensure that the product images you see on our website are as true a reflection as possible of the actual products, however, please be aware that colours may vary depending on your monitor settings.



UK & EU delivery is 5-7 working days from order

ROW delivery is 5-9 working days from order


Printed and dispatched within 48 hours.

UK delivery is 1-2 days from dispatch

EU delivery is 2-3 days from dispatch

ROW delivery is 2-7 days from dispatch


Taxes and duties are calculated by the local customs office when the parcel arrives in the destination country and are the responsibility of the customer. The local customs office will contact the customer by email or telephone, and any taxes and duties are payable on arrival in the destination country.


Our sample designs are scaled down to show you as much of the design elements and colours are possible, the actual size of the elements will be as per the images of the wallpaper on the individual product pages. Please be aware that slight colour variations may occur between samples and production, due to them being printed in different print batches. Munks and Me cannot accept responsibility for any such colour variations.


Due to all items being printed to order, we cannot, under any circumstance, offer a refund or exchange. If, however, your print is marked or your order has arrived damaged, please keep all packaging and email for assistance.

How to Measure and Order

1. Do you offer samples?

Yes, you can find a "Purchase Sample'' button on each of our product pages, so just go to the page of the wallpaper you like, and order that particular sample right away.

2. How big are samples and are they to scale?

Our samples are A4 and the design is scaled down to for the size of the sample, to allow you to view the full mural with all the colours that will be on your order.

3. How do I know the true scale/size of the mural?

The true scale of the mural can be found in the main product images on the product pages. If you have specific size requirements, please contact us at and we will gladly assist you.

4. How do I measure my wall correctly?

We need the full height and width of your wall, so you will need to measure the wall at its highest and widest points, then add on 6cm's to those measurements to allow a little extra for trimming.

5. My wall is an odd shape, how do I know how much to order?

We need the full height and width of your wall, so you will need to measure the wall at its highest and widest points, then add on 6cm's to those measurements to allow a little extra for trimming. If you're not sure and would like some help, please email us at and we would be happy to help.

6. Can I customize my wallpaper to allow for doors, windows and/or pieces of furniture, or can I change a colour in the design?

Yes you can, to customize your mural to work around doors, windows or pieces of furniture, or possibly change a colour to suit your room, please contact and we will provide you with a quote for this service.

7. Can I wallpaper my ceiling?

Yes you can, we've done quite a few of these and they look great! Please contact us at with your requirements and we will gladly assist you.

8. What is the width of your wallpaper panels?

UK orders: Our wallpaper/murals are printed on a roll that is 94cms wide, so each panel is 94cm's wide.

International/Rest of World orders: Our wallpaper/murals are printed on a roll that is 48.5cms wide, so each panel is 48.5cm's wide. This is to ensure that we keep our international shipping and customs charges to a minimum for our international customers.

Each panel is labelled Panel A, B, C etc on the same roll, so the roll is unrolled and each panel trimmed off in preparation for installation. You can find our installation guide here

Preparation and Installation

1. How do I remove old wallpaper from my wall?

Wallpaper is generally fairly easy to remove however, the degree of difficulty varies depending on the type of wallpaper used, the condition of the wall underneath and the length of time it has been on the wall. Here are some very basic steps to follow, but if you need any further help, please email us at and we'll gladly assist you.

a. Remove/Peel away any loose wallpaper by just using your hands or a sharp blade.

b. Mix some hot/warm water with dishwashing soap/liquid into a spray bottle. Spray the wall evenly with the warm water mixture, and leave for 10 mins to soften the paper.

c. Using a trowel/scraper, gently scrape off the wallpaper panel by panel, being careful not to damage the wall in the process.d. Remove any excess glue/adhesive using a damp sponge/cloth.

2. How do I prepare my wall for installation?

You can find our Wallpaper and Installation guide here - Preparing your wall is covered in Step 3.

3. What tools do I need to install my wallpaper?

You can find what tools you will need in our Wallpaper and Installation guide here - The tools you need are listed in Step 2.

4. What wallpaper paste/glue should I use?

You will need to use a wallpaper paste/glue/adhesive that is suitable for non-woven wallpapers. These can be found online on Amazon, EBay or from most larger hardware stores.

Delivery Information

1. Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we deliver worldwide using a UPS tracked service.

2. How long does delivery take from the time I place my order?

Our production time is 5-7 working days and UK delivery is a next day service, with deliveries to the EU being 1-2 days and deliveries to the rest of the world being 2-4 days.

3. What are your delivery charges?

UK delivery is FREE for all orders over £100

The delivery charge to countries outside of the UK, are calculated at checkout once your delivery address has been input.

4. Are Duties and Taxes included in your shipping cost?

No they are not. Customs duties and taxes are calculated by the local customs office in the destination country, and are standard procedure for any products being imported. These charges are payable by the customer, who will be contacted by the local customs office when the order arrives in the country.

5. Can you send my order to another address other than my home, possibly my office or a friend's house?

Yes, we can deliver to any address, provided the correct address is put into the delivery address fields at checkout.

6. Can I track my order?

Yes, you will receive an email when your order is ready to be dispatched, which will include your tracking number.

Returns and Exchanges

1. I have ordered the incorrect wallpaper/size, can I cancel the order and reorder it?

Please contact us immediately after you realise that you ordered the incorrect wallpaper/size, and we will check whether your order has been printed yet? As all our wallpaper is made to order, should your order already have been printed, unfortunately your original order cannot be cancelled or changed. 

2. My wallpaper has arrived damaged, what do I do now?

If at all possible, please do not unpack the wallpaper and email us immediately at to let us know about the damage. Please include pictures of the damage and all/any relevant information and we will gladly assist you.

3. My wallpaper has a mark on it and/or there is a problem with the colours, and I need it replaced.

If your wallpaper has a mark on it or there is an issue with the print colours, please do not install the wallpaper and email us at for immediate assistance.

4. I did not order enough wallpaper and need an extra panel/s, what do I do?

Please email us at stating your initial order number and the details of the extra wallpaper you need, and we will gladly assist you. Please note that any additional wallpaper panels that are ordered outside of the original order, will be printed from a different print batch, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

*If you did not find what you were looking for, please email us at and we would be happy to help!